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Oilless technology contributes to customers and the society.

Issues that came up together with human production activities for centuries have been resource saving and energysaving. To solve these issues, operation reliability and durability have always been required on tools used for production activities.Along the operation, there have been three challenging elements of friction, wear and lubrication.Control of these three elements and satisfying requirements of environment and resources have resulted in the oilless technology.Sankyo's mission is to develop and use the oilless technology further and to assure comfortable human life and efficient industrial activities.

Advantages of oilless sliding materials


Achievement of lubrication without oil, Solution to friction problems, Reduction of maintenance and longer component life, Elimination of oil contamination, Achievement of total cost reduction

Usage that extends unlimitedly


Overseas motor companies have found advantages of oilless products one after another, Used in large projects, For diverse fields: From resources to energy

Handling product (Product line)


Die Setting components, Standard Components for Plastic Moulds, Standard Components for Sliding Material