Stepping forward with customers together

Since establishment of the company in 1964,
we have sought our customer's needs under the principle of
"Stepping forward with customers together".

Technology that leads to the future

We have used our oilless technology as the basis
for the creation and continual provision of
the technologies needed to build the future.

The Zenith Technology

As a leader in the field of oilless technology,
Sankyo Oilless Industry Inc. supplies a range of products
that has gained an excellent reputation
for reliability and performance.

Beware of counterfeit manufacturers of Sankyo Oilless cam units. Sankyo Oilless Ind (USA) does not license or approve any other company to manufacture our cam units in the United States. In the past year we have seen many "knock-off" versions of our cam units appear in the United States. At any time if you have any questions please contact us immediately.

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