Sankyo Oilless is a QS9000 approved Tier 1 supplier and a leader in the manufacturing of Stamping Die components for the Automotive Industry. We have sales and manufacturing facilities in over 20 countries around the world giving Sankyo a truly global presence. Sankyo is a one stop concept to part provider that can assist you in every step of your manufacturing process. Sankyo offers an array of materials for different applications that all offer our Oilless technology for maintenance free operation reducing the cost of maintenance and increasing your production. Sankyo also supplies components to many other General Industry applications such as Pharmaceutical, Food Processing/Packaging, Heavy Machinery, Bridges, Dams, Water Gates, and Aerospace. Sankyo Oilless products are a great solution for hard to access areas, extreme environments, applications that are objectionable to oil/grease contamination, very high load, or applications where maintenance is neglected.

Beware of counterfeit manufacturers of Sankyo Oilless cam units. Sankyo Oilless Ind (USA) does not license or approve any other company to manufacture our cam units in the United States. In the past year we have seen many "knock off" versions of our cam units appear in the United States. At any time if you have any questions please contact us immediately."

Standard Cams and Options